Our Mission: 
To improve the lives of able and disabled children, adults and veterans through equine assisted activities and direct interaction with horses.
The Story
Joker has been helping the community of Pinellas for five years now and has done it with a smile. He is a therapeutic riding horse for  both mentally and physically disabled children, adults, and veterans. He has taught many kids the importance of horse care and how to ride (including me). When I met joker I couldn't help but fall in love, he was the sweetest horse I'd ever met and from that point on he not only helped me grow but I got to watch him help people who weren't as lucky as me. This past year joker was diagnosed with Canker, which is a hoof infection that has no known cause and overwhelms the hoof until there is nothing left. Treatment for Canker is available, however it is an extensive and expensive process. Joker has had his first go at surgery that ended up costing $3000 but he still has a long journey ahead of him. He will need consistent hoof care and possibly more surgeries in the near future and as a non-profit 501c3 we simply do not have the funds. If we cannot afford to continue his treatments the only other option is Euthanasia. Joker has helped so many and deserves so much more than this.
We hope that you can help us by either donating whatever you can or sharing his story.  Help save the horse that has helped save so many.

Saddle Up is a place not just for riding horses, rather Saddle Up is a place of the heart. Everyone who works or volunteers at Saddle Up does so with their heart, not just their hands. This is a program where people connect with horses, which is a wonderful thing in itself. But it is so much more than that. This is a place where people connect with each other; where relationships are built that change the lives of the riders as well as the volunteers; where genuine love and commitment are evidenced at every practice session and at every event. Saddle Up is a place of equalization: every person, no matter rider or volunteer, no matter able bodied or disabled, no matter mentally challenged or fully mentally functional , all experience the sheer joy that comes through the triumph of the human spirit.  

Hands and Hooves Building a Better Community

About Us!

Saddle Up Riding Club

As we are all recovering from hurricane Irma please keep our horses in your thoughts. We can use all the help we can get as we are trying to return to our normal routines. Please keep a look out for upcoming events and if you have any questions on how you can help please contact any of our staff members for assistance. Thank you!


Help a Horse Who Has Helped so Many!