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​How do I sign up for Barn Time, Volunteering or other events?

First make sure all your forms are filled out and ready to be submitted.  Go to the calendar, a new window will pop up.  Find the date you want to sign up for and click on that date.  (the number at the top of the box)

An event box will pop up.  Scroll down to the form and fill out the following:  Childs Name in New Event BoxStart Time and End Time (remember to click AM or PM)

Click on Category and select from drop down box.

Please provide your telephone number or email for us to contact you if needed in the box below that says enter URL or Text for pop up window.  Barn Times usually fill up at 15 children.  

If you put your child on the calendar for a lesson with a particular instructor, please be sure to call that instructor prior to adding your child on the calendar.  Most of the time we check out schedule the day before and if you don't communicate your lesson needs to us, we may miss your appointment! 

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