Saddle Up Riding Club. Inc

Barn Time for Kids

3 hours of fun, education and riding

Clubbers come and learn to groom, tack up a horse, clean stalls, care for the horses and then receive a 30 – 40 min group lesson.  Children learn leadership, teamwork, fellowship and gain confidence and respect for one another and themselves.  
Saddle Up is proud to offer three levels of Barn times to reach everyone’s needs.  There is a one time a year registration fee of $30 and Registration paperwork must be completed before child can sign up.Barn time is for children ages 7 and up.  We have special programs for children under 7 see below and also our lesson pages. Level I is for those riders ages 6 and up just starting out.  
Level I - Builds a good solid foundation on safety, grooming, tacking up , mounting, dismounting and basic control of the horse at the walk. Level I riders will be able to show Saddle Up horses at area shows in the walk classes only.  Cost is $30 per visit Level I barn time is usually held on Saturday from 3pm - 6pm as long as we do not have a fundraiser or other event that weekend.   Always check our calendar because sometimes we will offer barn times in the evenings during the week or different times on Saturday
Level II – To qualify for Level II riders should be able to lead, tie and tack up a horse fairly independently.  Riders will learn how to properly cue for the trot and leg position in turns, as well as how to do patterns and learn basic show etiquette.  Level II riders may show at area shows on Saddle Up’s horses in the walk/trot classes.  Level II riders will qualify for Trail Ride times.  Cost for Level II is $30 per visit. Level II barn times are usually on Sundays from 3pm - 6pm but always check the calendar for day and time changes before signing up.
Level III – The student should be able to tack up and ride independently.  They should be able to demonstrate a simple pattern that requires trotting a circle. Figure 8, stopping and backing up.  They should be able to answer questions about tack, moving the horse off pressure, different cues, show ring and trail riding safety.  Level III riders will learn to cantor, learn dressage test and a jump course . They will work on their rein contact and how to get some collection in the horse.  The students will learn how to negotiate poles and cross rails and complete a trail course.  Level III students may show walk, trot , cantor as well as jumping if qualified.  If age appropriate ( over the age of 14) they can assist in Level I and Level II barn times with the teacher. Level III cost is $35 per visit

Riding Lessons

Private, Semi Private and Group

30 minute lesson:     $30.00
45 minute lesson:      $40.00
1 hour private lesson $50.00
Group Lessons:      $25.00 each rider (minimum of three riders)
Evaluation Test:     $35.00 
Combo Test and Orientation:  $45.00  (1 full hour) 

Contact Kellie Sipos at 727-520-3132 to sign up for lessons.