Saddle Up Riding Club

The first time I rode a horse I was about Six years old, from that moment on I was in love. I quickly learned that every horse is different just like we are. I joined the Saddle Up family when I started taking lessons 7 years ago. I instantly fell in love with their programs and what they are trying to do. In 2014 I found myself severely disabled after being hospitalized for a surgery. My ability to sit up, stand, walk, and even talk were all severely compromised. I fought depression and had to undergo a lot of physical therapy, where I found my comfort was at Saddle Up. Remington was the horse I had formed quite a bond with he helped me both mentally and physically through the roughest time in my life. I found hope with him, I learned to walk again and when I was finally able to start riding again he was gentle and easy going it was like he knew I needed help and was there for me 100%. From then on I’ve tried to help the program anyway I can. I think this program has so much to offer our community.
I believe my experience as a patient and a rider helps me to relate to a lot of people that come into these programs. I love working with riders in helping them to reach their full potential.  I look forward to continuing with the program.

Phone: (727)215-5077

Alexis Williamson

Catie Hashem

Saddle Up is a place not just for riding horses, rather is a place of the heart.

Kellie Sipos

Hi! My name is Catie Hashem and I have been with the Saddle Up Riding Club team for 10 years. Like many of you I began my journey with horses right here on these very horses! Through the years I have taken every opportunity to gain knowledge about horses and riding and I am proud to say that I have gone from attending Barn Times and volunteering with therapy to now teaching at the very place that sparked my passion. I am currently the assistant Equine/Barn manager, a riding instructor, and I also instruct and run our Barn Times and assist with the show team. I have locally shown both english and western and can teach both, however I much prefer western. . Being a full time student, my schedule is not the greatest however, if you are interested in lessons with me please contact Kellie Sipos (727)520-3132 or you can text me at (727)735-5552. I look forward to meeting you and furthering your equine education!

Mollie Sipos

I am the equine manager here at Saddle Up Riding Club, as well as the advanced Instructor, leader of the show team and volunteer for the therapy program. Being the Equine manager I do all  medical treatments and training with our horses. I am also the President of  our local 4-H chapter , competed and placed in the top 10 in the highest level of 4-H competition in Perry, Georgia. I use that training and experience in everything I do with this program. I have been around horses since I was 2 years old when my mom started this program, so I’ve grown up riding and training. I have shown in many AQHA shows and placed high point at Future Champions, specializing in Western Pleasure and Trail. Needless to say horses have become my life. I hope to continue to grow and expand my knowledge of training and caring for horses in the future.

​I started Saddle Up in 2003 due to a passion for horses and teaching.  I am a mom of 4 beautiful daughters and 1 gorgeous granddaughter. I have been teaching for over 12 years.  I love teaching and combine that love with the love of horses just seemed natural to me.  Saddle Up began on a small farm in Seminole and quickly out grew our space.  The organization became a 501 c3 and moved to Pinellas Park.  I never knew how theses gracious animals responded until watching our first horse Flip relate to a child in a wheelchair.  Everyone has an "Ah Ha" moment when it comes to horses and therapy and mine was watching my horse lay his head on the tray of a quadriplegic so she could pet his head with her chin.  We give HOPE where sometimes there is no hope and I thank God everyday for using me as his vessel for Saddle Up.

Phone: (727)520-3132