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How YOUcan help!.

How​ YOUcan help!.

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The success of this program is dependent on your financial support.

​Your tax-deductible donation to SURC helps to pay the cost of feeding and housing the horses. With your continued support we will be able to keep serving the children and adults who visit us each week for equine assisted activity sessions. 

2014 Wish List

​For the HORSES
Fly Spray
Split Western Reins
English Reins 
Clips for Reins

Feed for HORSES
Purina Brand, Ultium Grain 
Hay (Timothy (or T&A Lite mix) 
Timothy/Alfalfa Pellets
Horse Treats
Wormer (Quest Plus)

Feed and Hay can be purchased at Park Feed or Largo Feed & Garden Supply.  Monetary donations toward feed can also be made there as well.  

For the FARM
Veggies for the Pigs and Rabbits
Wood Screws
Fence Boards

Building Materials

​Clean Fill Dirt